Manofield Australian Whites was founded back 2019. We had made the decision back in the mid 2000’s to change our sheep flock from a traditional self-replacing merino and cross-bred lamb enterprise to a fully clean skin flock, concentrating fully on meat production and do away with the wool.

The easy care nature, reduced labour and improved animal welfare benifits of clean skin sheep helped make our decision.

We experimented with several other shedding breeds before finally settling on Australian Whites in about 2015.

By this time we had also developed our own branded lamb label Wunderbar Lamb, and with the Australian Whites being dubbed “the Wagyu of Lamb” we saw it as a natural fit to help our lamb obtain optimal eating quality.


We started with the purchase of 30 SIL stud ewes from Tattykeel, mated to three different sires, including “Long Chain” which gave us fantastic genetics to kick off with.

Later that same year, we followed that up with the purchase of the top priced ram at the Gamadale on property sale with 180038, a large framed, well balanced ram. We had a couple years of natural breeding, mating the stud ewes every 8 months and the stud ewe lambs at 48kg live weight to increase our numbers as soon as possible. 

Since then Manofield have taken large steps forward introducing new bloodlines and keeping intricate data on all animals so we can ensure that each animal sold is of a standard we would use in our own commercial and stud operations.

By implementing ASBV's and DNA genomic testing we can assure our clients that it just isn't about looks, the genetic make-up and the production traits of the animal is there in black and white. No surprises.