To breed Australian White sheep, we follow straight forward breeding philosophies and strategies to accomplish our desired objectives. The key principles for our breeding include:

  • Performance-based Selection: We emphasize on selecting our breeding stock based on their performance traits such as shedding, growth rates, carcass quality, fertility, and mothering ability. We use performance records, measurements, and estimated breeding values (EBVs) to identify superior individuals within the flock.

  • Genetic Diversity: We have been strong in the promotion of genetic diversity to avoid excessive inbreeding and maintaining a broad gene pool. Inbreeding can lead to reduced vigour and increased susceptibility to diseases and other health issues.

  • Adaptability: We aim to breed sheep that demonstrates adaptability to local environmental conditions, including climate, feed availability, and disease resistance. This helps to ensure the long-term success of the flock by producing sheep that thrive in their specific environment.


  • Conformation and Structure: We pay particular attention to the conformation and structure of our sheep. We select individuals with strong sound feet, well-balanced frames, and good overall muscling. This helps to ensure longevity, mobility, and overall structural soundness in the flock.

  • Reproductive Efficiency: We prioritize breeding for reproductive efficiency, including high fertility rates, good lambing percentages, and ease of lambing. We select and continue to breed from ewes that have a proven record of reproductive success and produce offspring with high survival rates.

  • Enhanced Shedding Capability: While the primary focus of the Australian White sheep breed lies in meat production, our breeding program places a special emphasis on cultivating sheep with outstanding shedding abilities. Our sheep are meticulously selected and bred to possess an exceptional capacity for shedding their wool naturally. Notably, we prioritize early shedders, ensuring that our flock comprises individuals with superior shedding traits, leading to more efficient wool shedding and maintenance.