27 x Blue Tag 2023 Drop Ewe lambs

Type: Ewe Lambs

45-60.5kg Liveweight

51.6kg average liveweight

EID Tags

Approved Gudair Vaccinates

April 2023 Drop

Good signs of early shedding. 

Sired by Manofield Australian White top stud rams

Ready to be mated for spring drop

Ewes are sold in lines. price is a per head price excluding GST


Natural (N), Artificial Insemination (AI), Embryo Transfer (ET)


Birth type refers to the manner in which sheep give birth to their young. Single, Twin, Triplet


EMD is a trait that is assessed to determine the amount of muscle or meat present in the eye muscle of a sheep.

The measurement is taken at the 12th rib, and it is used as an indicator of muscling and meat yield. A higher EMD value indicates a greater amount of muscle mass, which is desirable in terms of meat production. The higher the better

Birth Weight (BWT)

Birth weight (BWT) describes liveweight measured at birth. BWT is expressed in kilograms (kg). The lower the better, as this decreases the chance of having lambing issues. 

Post Weaning Weight (PWT)

Post weaning weight (PWT) describes the genetic difference in liveweight measured at post weaning age. PWT is expressed in kilograms (kg).

Shipping Information

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